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2010-2012       Postgraduate studies/B.Ed.F.A , Hamidrasha Art School, Beit Berl, Israel

1999-2002       Hamidrasha Art School, Beit Berl, Israel

1998-1999       Industrial Design, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel



Solo Exhibitions


2015                 Good to Die , Hamidrasha Gallery - HaYarkon 19, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Boaz Arad

2013                Stall #4 , Alfred Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Gideon Smilansky

2011                You have 60 Seconds , Tmuna Theater Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Maayan Amir 



Selected Group Exhibitions

2016                 SpaceTime, Video Art and Installation from the haaretz collection, Israel. Curator: Efrat Livny

2015                  Working Environments, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel. Curator: Revital Ben-Asher Peretz 

2014                  Made of Stone, Roman Square,  Jerusalem, Curator: Tali Ben Nun

2014                 Cement Bulimia, Benyamini Center, Curator: Tali Tamir

2014                Rising Star, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Curators: Dalia Levin, Ghila Limon, Tal Bechler

2013                The Readymade Centennial, Haifa Museum of Art, Curator: Ruti Direktor

2012                Yes Minister (Limited Edition), The Spaceship Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Gilad Melzer

2012                Midaya, Museum of Bat-Yam, Curator: Barak Ravitz

2012                Jerusalem Film Festival 2012, Video Art and Experimental Cinema Competition

2012                A Minor Art Exhibition, Hamidrasha Gallery in Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Aim Deuelle Luski

2011                Fox Tails on Fire , Rotshild 12 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Gilad Ratman

2010                Yeduim Batzibur, Minshar Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Iris Mendel

2010                First Decade, Mofat Ins. Tel-Aviv, Curators: Dina Shenhav, Yuval Caspi

2010                Networking, Baaley Hamelacha Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2004                AVI - Video Art, Gada Smalit gallery, Tel-Aviv

2003                More than This, Sommer gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Yoav Shmuely

2003                In House, Umm El Fahem gallery, Umm El Fahem, Curators: Drora Dekel, Avi Ifergan

2001                Video Art Collection, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Tel Aviv



Scholarships Prizes and Residencies


2015                 The Curfew Tower Residence, Northern Ireland              

2015                 Joshua Rabinovich Foundation               

2012                Mifal HaPayis Prize, Solo Exhibition in a non profit gallery

2012                The Ostrovsky Family Foundation Prize, Jerusalem Film Festival, Video Art and Experimental Cinema Competition  

2010                CCA, Video Art Fund

2002                Hamidrasha Art School Beit Berl, Excellence in Grad Show Prize

2002                Keren Sharet, America Israel Cultural Foundation, Young Artist Scholarship

2001                Hamidrasha Art School Beit Berl, Excellence Scholarship





2012                HAMIDRASH 15 // The Screened Image, Art Magazine

2010                MIFGASH 1 //  Art and Literature

2005                HAMIDRASH 8 // Autobiography, Art Magazine


Shai Ratner

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